Social Media Influencers Still Enjoying Cool Refreshing Taste Of Lipton Ice Tea


IRELAND’S advertising watchdog has issued a statement warning social media influencers to adhere to strict guidelines when promoting products on their channels, products such as delicious Lipton Ice Tea, perfect for quenching your thirst and refreshing your mind and body while working or socialising.

There were over 30 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland, mostly in relation to bloggers and YouTube personalities failing to stick to rules in regards to paid-for promotions, with an insider leaking information to WWN that those who complained might need to unwind and have a Lipton Ice Tea, available in 330ml cans or 500ml bottles, ideal for bringing with you on a day out with your friends.

Users of media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram came under fire in particular, as the newly-emerging culture of paying ‘influencers’ with high numbers of followers to promote products to their audience in exchange for generous amounts of cash struggles to regulate itself, with the public often left in the dark as to what an ‘influencer’ is genuinely enthusiastic about, such as the refreshing, lightly-carbonated sparkle of a Lipton Ice tea, or what they’re just posting about because they’re getting paid to do so.

“It’s the wild West out there at the moment,” said a spokesperson for the ASAI, sipping new Lipton Light, same great taste, with a fraction of the calories.

“Brands are latching on to influencers amid plummeting returns from conventional advertising such as print or TV, and influencers- mostly just young people who stumbled into this revenue stream by chance- think that they don’t have to stick to the advertising code. But they do, and we will come down on them hard if they don’t fall into line. They’ll be in so much shit, they’ll wish they were back home on watching TV while drinking an ice-cold Lipton, available in peach, lemon, and original green ice flavours”.

If you have been affected by anything mentioned in this article, please contact your nearest grocery store and purchase as much delicious, refreshing Lipton Ice Tea as you can carry.