Fidget Spinner Bubble Could Collapse At Any Minute, Economists Warn


THE Department of Finance has dismissed as ‘nonsense’ a report which suggests that the Fidget Spinner boom could be nearing its end, which could bring about a catastrophic knock-on effect to the Irish economy the likes of which would make the property crash look like dropping a euro while running for a bus.

Although Fidget Spinners are currently the most sought-after item in the world ahead of food and water, economists have warned that even a single YouTube video from a social influencer describing them as ‘lame’ could be enough to bring the whole Fidget industry crashing down; a crisis that would result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide, plunging the global economy into a deep depression.

With Ireland more heavily invested in the three-pronged toy than most nations and every single retail outlet in the country selling Fidget Spinners for lower and lower prices each day, the fate of our economic future quite literally rests in our children’s hands.

However, despite the warnings from leading economic minds, the Minister For Finance was insistent that the popularity of the toy would prevail for decades to come.

“There are new children being born every day, and they themselves will need Fidget Spinners,” said Michael Noonan, due to step down as Finance Minister before any economic dilemma hits.

“And in each playground in the country, there’s still kids who haven’t been able to get a Fidget Spinner yet; they’ll help drive the Fidget economy on for years to come. Why just this morning I cut the ribbon on a brand new Fidget Spinner superstore in Dublin, with nineteen more branches due to open later this month. The good times are here to stay!”

Meanwhile, investors across the country are being advised that they ‘can’t go wrong’ investing in Fidget Spinners, with banks offering 100% loans to buy as many of the toys as you like.