Varadkar Takes Lead Over Coveney In Bid To Be Most Despised Irish Politician


AS FINE GAEL’s leadership race began in earnest yesterday, all mutterings from within the corridors of Leinster House suggested it was Dublin TD Leo Varadkar and not his Cork rival Simon Coveney that was in pole position to take over from Enda Kenny as the most reviled politician in the country.

With the likes of Pascal Donohoe and Charlie Flanagan declaring their support for Varadkar it is looking likely he will lead a successful campaign to become Fine Gael leader and hopeful Taoiseach, thus paving the way to receive the well mannered vile vitriol once reserved for Mayo’s very own Enda Kenny.

As is tradition in Irish politics, it is the leader of the governing party of the day who receives everything from death threats, threats of violence towards their loved ones, and particularly disparaging remarks scrawled on toilet cubicle walls.

“With the advent of social media things have only gotten worse,” explained one Fine Gael insider, “we didn’t let Enda on the social media at all, we just told him everyone said he was doing a lovely job. God, how his face would light up”.

The insider confirmed it would be a different case when it came to the current candidates in the leadership race, as both Varadkar and Coveney are avid users of social media.

“Oh, you’re hope is the public doesn’t make an issue of sexuality and instead focuses any personal attacks on the fact Leo demonises the poor, the working class. You know, traditional Fine Gael positions,” added the insider.

While hopeful all criticism of leadership candidates would relate solely to their failures as ministers, the insider admitted to being a little bit curious as to how low people would go in their abominable and reprehensible attacks on Varadkar and Coveney as people.