McGregor Signs Deal To Get Knocked Out By Mayweather


UFC CHAMPION Conor McGregor has confirmed that he has signed his part of the deal to get knocked out by Floyd Mayweather, WWN can reveal.

The highly-anticipated knockout has been rumoured for the best part of a year, but today McGregor greeted fans with some very promising news.

“The first, and most important part of this historic contract has now officially been signed off on,” he said, “it will be an absolute honour to be knocked out by Floyd Mayweather for tens of millions of dollars. I just hope I don’t spend too long on the canvas, hospital bed, coma unit, and that I’ll get through this match up unscathed and become very fucking rich, baby, yeah!”.

UFC President Dana White confirmed that “half of the deal” has been done, insisting there was still plenty of work to do.

“Floyd still needs to sign the contract,” White told WWN, “we also have our best people trying to work out what day of the week, or month, Conor will be knocked into after the fight”.

It is estimated that Mayweather could earn over $100 million for the boxing bout, while McGregor could receive around three-quarters of that, just for the attempt.