Family Holiday Allows Kids To Cry In Whole New Country


A TEN-night break in the north of France has allowed one young family from Waterford the opportunity to experience what it’s like to cry, scream, sulk, pout, and argue with siblings and parents in a whole new country in front of a whole new range of people.

The McKenna family from Tramore, consisting of dad Eamon, mum Lorraine, Tina (6), Sean (4) and little baby Ella (18 months) headed to the family-friendly camping resort in Brittany two weeks ago, returning yesterday just as tense, worked up and irritable as they had left.

“Maybe even more so,” beamed Eamon McKenna, who got to find out what it was like to listen to his three kids yell and fight in a much sunnier climate than he’s accustomed to.

“You know, you think your kids are unruly when they’re at home, but it’s when you take them on a ferry for a day, drive for the better part of the next day, then spend nearly a fortnight in a much smaller dwelling than the one you have at home with none of their toys and no internet that you really see what they’re capable of”.

“It was great the way they hated all the food, too,” added his wife Lorraine, in between pleas for her kids to stop yelling or she would tan their arses.

“And the added hourly routine of applying sunscreen to three kids who were whinging and griping really added an extra veil of tension that we just don’t get at home”.

Despite having vowed to ‘never leave the country again’, the McKennas have already begun planning a return trip to the camping holiday ground next year.