Brexit Fallout Could See Thousands Of Irish Cattle Become Unemployed


“WITHOUT this gig, what am I going to do? Just walk around the field all day doing nothing but grazing? It’s the uncertainty of it all that drives the fear and the anxiety”

The words of one cow who could be set to lose her job if the worst fears relating to Brexit are realised.

Markets continue to be spooked by the uncertainty surrounding Britain’s exit from the EU, with Irish eyes firmly fixed on the potential damage to its agribusiness sector.

Nowhere else is this fear more keenly felt than in the Waterford fields of local farmer Paddy Drury, with the fear of unemployment not just confined to cattle.

“I don’t have any other skills, and don’t talk to me about up-skilling. Have you seen the price of courses that teach you how to jump fences?” another dismayed cow shared with WWN, batting away suggestions she could move industries into the highly lucrative equine racing and breeding professions.

Others have already seen their jobs put at risk by the rumours of redundancy.

“I just worry so much, it’s affecting my ability to do the job,” explained one sheep, who has failed to grow out his coat due to the stress and has taken to hiding from his employer.

“Any time I hear the shears going off I hide behind some of the lads and hope the boss doesn’t spot the patches on my coat. This is no way to live,” remarked the sheep, who like many cattle yearns for some positive agribusiness forecasts in Ireland.