Local Father Refusing To Accept Son Doesn’t Like Football


A DEVOTED FATHER living in the Waterford City area of Europe has refused on at least several hundred occasions to accept that his son has next to no interest in football and has in fact, over time, grown to hate it.

Ciaran Scannon, a die hard Liverpool fan, is set to spend the weekend trying to get his 7-year-old son Robbie worked up about his club’s final Premier League game of the season which could see the Merseysiders secure Champions League qualification.

“We could really do with someone like Fowler up front, eh, Robbie,” Ciaran enthused, discussing the Liverpool legend he named his son after, “remember Fowler? I showed you that 90 minute YouTube compilation of his goals, you loved it,” added Ciaran, referencing an occasion Robbie broke down in tears asking could he watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead.

Despite fully expecting his son to kick up a fuss when he is instructed to wear his full Liverpool kit on Sunday for the match, Ciaran is of the belief football will one day just ‘click’ with his only son. In the event it doesn’t, Ciaran has privately conceded that he will love his son less, and grow to resent him for his interest in things he himself doesn’t like.

“I mean he cries every time I bring him down to his club’s training ‘cus he prefers swimming, but that’s not a proper sport ya know,” explained Ciaran, still not getting it.

“He should be like other kids his age. Asking for Coutinho on the back of his jersey, none of this ‘can you buy me a book for my birthday’ shite. Ah, he’ll come round, I’ll bring him over to Anfield next season, he’ll love that so he will,” Ciaran added, desperately trying to convince himself.