North Korea Unveil Stealth Bomber


STANDING behind a vast bank of intimidating weaponry only leading North Korean military officials could see, Kim Jong Un proudly unveiled his impoverished country’s latest secret weapon.

The stealth bomber, a technology previously only held by the American air force, was paraded in full lack of view to the State media on an empty runway to considerable applause.

“Yet another mighty achievement for our Dear Leader,” said one member of an adoring throng of North Koreans, not sure what he was supposed to be staring at. Kim Jong Un confirmed the stealth bomber stood at 900 feet tall and had 17 wings as well as possessing the ability to ‘kill everything forever, all of the time’.

The empty airfield with nothing in it has sparked fears among the section of the Trump administration that would love a good war, with this latest incident placing that possibility unlikely.

“Dear God, they’ve invented the invisible bomb. We must act now,” confirmed Vice President Mike Pence, who was in the middle of a 10-day stoking up fears and ramping up aggressive militaristic rhetoric trip to Asia.

Jong Un marked the unveiling of the new craft with a military procession of hundreds of thousands of malnourished military personnel.