Local Woman Looking Stunning As Usual X X X


WWN have received confirmed reports that a local woman is indeed ‘looking gorgeous as usual hun’, following the posting of a glamorous selfie on social media earlier today.

Sinead Moran, 29, received exactly one dozen expressions of support for her looks on Facebook, with admiration pouring in from her friends and family who all lost their collective minds at how well Moran looked in the selfie.

‘OMG Sinead u look stunnin as usual babe’ read a typical reply to the post, coming in this instance from a woman Moran went to school with 20 years ago who lives in Australia now.

“Sinead u are a beaut, are u around at the weekend greg is three if you want to bring the boys over we are getting a bouncey castle” read a comment from one of Moran’s neighbours, opting in this instance to use her one Facebook comment per day limit to add as much extra information as possible.

Speaking exclusively to WWN, Lismore native Moran expressed an overwhelming sense of joy that people were so moved by her selfie, although added that the amount of comments were down from similar posts last week.

“I put up a picture of myself in a dress I bought for a wedding with a full face of make-up on last week, and it got 14 comments, so this one of me with my hair up and my nice earrings on getting 12 comments is a bit of a disappointment,” said Moran, planning her next shot.

“I think I’ll have to work on the location of the shoot; I mean, you can clearly see a basket of dirty washing behind me in the bedroom in this one. I think maybe a shot of me on the sofa drinking wine watching TV? Maybe with the kids there too? I can already see the caption; ‘luvin life wit my babies’… yeah, that’ll get my numbers back again!”.