Can You Spot The 5 Flaws In Fatal Deviation


WWN Film has always been curious about the graft behind Ireland’s most iconic film, so we’re throwing it open to our readers. Despite being lovingly made, Fatal Deviation, might have one, two or a lot of flaws; can you spot them? Find out below:

No you can’t pal, it’s a flawless fucking film. A bit of respect goes a long way, and the genre of Irish Martial Arts movies is overdue some. This is the movie Martin Scorsese called the Holy Grail of filmmaking on a recent visit to Dublin, so whatever you’re about to say, whatever accusations you’re going to level at FD, think really fucking hard about it, buddy.

Here, what’s your name? No, your full fucking name, pal? If you’re going to go around gleefully suggesting Fatal Deviation is not 100% on Rotten Tomatoes I want to know the full name of that man, because you should always know the name of the person you knock the fuck out in a fit of very justifiable rage which will not be punished in an Irish court because judges know good a movie when they see one.

If you’ve come here to tell me Mickey Graham’s portrayal of a tortured villain who just wants to do right by his nefarious desires isn’t better than those Bond villain hacks then you’re getting a punch in the cock.

We’re actually pretty fucking disgusted by the fact people rabbit on about The Guard like it’s the best Irish movie ever. Phili-fucking-stines, the lot of you.

Flaws? FLAWS? You’re having a fucking laugh mate. The nerve of some people. Where’s your appreciation for high art forms?

Now watch it.