“You Are All My Children” Mark Zuckerberg Tells World


ADDRESSING the world’s 1.86 billion Facebook users, Mark Zuckerberg used a 6,000 word essay to explain how he is God, Creator of everything and that you are all his children.

Outlining his vision for the future of humanity, the cogent and impassioned missive penned by the tech CEO explained how if the world listened to his word and abided, we would all be saved.

“You are all my children, I birthed you, I fathered you and I continue to father you. Do not let me down, do not fail me,” Zuckerberg shared, occasionally drifting into thoughts about community building and creating a world for the future which is better for all mankind.

“I move through you all, I am the Divine and everlasting. When you pray and worship, you do so to me your creator and viewer of all your Messenger App conversations, God” he added.

Reaction to his proclaiming he is the Creator has been mixed, with some people wondering if the tech billionaire has developed a damaging and narcissistic God complex.

“Not this build a better world bullshit, again? Where’s my dislike button you prick,” one irate Facebook user responded, echoing the sentiment shared by many.

“I will one day ascend, help me in my quest and you too can ascend to Heaven and suckle at my breast,” Zuckerberg’s essay concluded.