Report 80 ISIS Terrorists Armed With Nuclear Weapons Moving To Roscommon


THE BALLAGHADERREEN area of Roscommon is believed to be besieged by ISIS terrorists armed with nuclear weapons, according to claims made by respected news publication The Liberal.

The ISIS terrorists disguised as unarmed innocent men, women and children who are victims of the Syrian war are, according to The Liberal, ‘demon headed ISIS terrorists with rape and white genocide in their eyes’.

“It is of great comfort to know there is a real news organisation, operating as a sole trader, that is offering us real news,” shared Roscommon local Alan Cullen, who until reading the story hadn’t even thought about spitting on a Syrian child.

“I’m just glad the facts are now on the side of my thinly veiled racism, I’m hocking up phlegm as we speak,” Cullen added, while coughing and snorting.

Sources close to sources of sources have confirmed the presence of a giant bomb-shaped Mosque with ‘Jesus was a prick’ graffiti on the outside of the place of extreme radicalisation worship.

“It won’t stay just the 80 of them for long, you know what they’re like, going at it like rabbits,” explained another fearful Liberal reader, implying that ISIS terrorists with nuclear weapons posing as children have, like rabbits, a gestation period of just 30 days while mating lasts between 20-40 seconds.