Buzzfeed To End Publication Of Lists With The Loss Of 7,000 Jobs


IN a huge blow to online lists of great importance, Buzzfeed has announced it is discontinuing its popular lists section of the publication, resulting in the loss of 7,000 jobs.

As Buzzfeed continues to move to more conventional journalism, there is no longer any need for the 7,000 employees tasked with coming up with ’67 uses for an avocado during sex’.

“While the lists were a great source of pride for us here at Buzzfeed, we’ve got to move with the times,” head of innovation at Buzzfeed Robert Durecki explained to WWN, “plus we need to shift a few more resources to fact checking and editorial oversight”.

“In addition to this shift from early next month on Buzzfeed all our articles will be wordless, written entirely through emojis and GIFs,” Durecki explained further.

Not everyone is happy with the announcement, however, with many avid readers voicing their disappointment.

“I can’t believe this, where am I going to go to find out the 64 reasons Chrissy Tiegen is my new bff? I feel like there’s a great list to be made of the times people couldn’t handle being an adult, but I guess this is the end of the line. I’m outraged,” one Buzzfeed reader commented beneath the website’s official announcement earlier today.

Durecki acknowledged fans’ disappointment and confirmed that while their comments and reactions would be used to make another 2,349 lists, the decision to end lists at the end of the month still stood.

Buzzfeed’s final list ’33 Times Guatamalan Petri Dishes Owned Their Culture’ will be published on the 31th of January.