Bono Urged To Not Even Think About It


ORGANISERS and supporters at Apollo House have today issued an official open statement to U2 frontman, Bono, after he was spotted skulking outside the premises late last night

Over 30 homeless people have been housed in the NAMA owned property after homelessness group Home Sweet Home and celebrity activists entered the building illegally in protest of the lack of funding and government protection for Dublin’s disadvantaged and most vulnerable people.

“We know you mean well, but please don’t ruin this for us,” a spokesperson for the group said today, “And that goes for you too Geldof, we’ve got this, so please can ye just fucking not. Thanks”.

The statement comes after organisers were forced to ‘shoo’ Bono away from the perimeter of the building at 11:47pm last night.

“Once we heard the chords of the streets have no name, we knew what we had to do,” a source inside the building told WWN.

“He was very persistent and it took him a long while to get the hint. He immediately started waving at us when we looked out the window, and kept saying he knows Glen, and began shouting in, requesting for Glen to answer his phone as he has been ringing since last week”.

A very upset Bono reportedly left the area at 3am after performing two lengthy acoustic solo sets, which just kept the residents awake.

“Sure God love him; his heart’s in the right place,” said another source, “but we just want somewhere dry, warm and peaceful to sleep in, if it’s not too much to ask”.

Later today, Dublin City Council representatives are expected to visit the site after a court injunction yesterday afternoon. This historic meeting will be the first real contact between the Irish government and the city’s homeless community since the founding of the state.

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