Denis O’Brien Diagnosed With Rare ‘Thin Skin Condition’


THE resumption in the New Year of Denis O’Brien’s legal action against the State has been thrown into doubt after doctors observing the court case called the billionaire’s health into question.

Monitoring the billionaire for much of 2016, several medical professionals came forward to share their expert opinion, which suggested that Mr. O’Brien could be suffering from a painful and chronic case of Thin Skin Syndrome (TSS).

“TSS is incredibly rare, but mostly affects people in positions of power, the most famous sufferer of it is Donald Trump. It can be a debilitating condition, and takes a massive toll on the individual. I would personally recommend that anyone who had the condition to rest and relax, cease working, and if they had any ongoing legal cases – postpone them too,” Dr. Larry Gayle shared with WWN.

Sufferers of TSS can find themselves in agony if their skin is exposed to any negativity about themselves, any words of criticism with even the most polite questions having potentially devastating consequences.

“You would hope that with another high profile individual being revealed as a TSS sufferer that the stigma surrounding not being able to being challenged in any way without collapsing in on oneself will finally be gone,” concluded Dr. Gayle.