Man Recalls Horrific Ordeal After Accidentally Scrolling Through Comments Section On


ONE Waterford man has opened up about the hellish ordeal he suffered after scrolling through the comments section on popular news website for close to four whole minutes.

Carl Kelly, 27, accidentally slipped his finger on his iPad while browsing the site yesterday, before falling into a dark hole filled with contrarian comments, points of view copied straight out of Wikipedia, poorly spelled nonsense and outright lies.

Struggling to maintain his sanity, Kelly quickly stabbed at the ‘back’ button of his browser, but a further misjudgement of finger placement led him straight into the thick of another comments section on a different article, this one chock-full with even ‘worse bullshit than the first’.

“It was like taking a screwdriver to the brain through your eye,” said Kelly, sipping a brandy to help him with his nerves.

“Who in their right mind would voluntarily go to such a place, let alone partake in the posting of comments? It was like being in a bus full of taxi drivers. I had to go stare at the sun for four hours to get all the crazy out of my brain”.

WWN would like to extend its sympathies to anyone who has been affected by the comments section of the