Joe Swash Slithers Back Into Australian Jungle For Another Year


AS the ITV production team begin the daunting task of dismantling this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp and studio, a lone pair of white canvas shoes lie nearby; the remnants of one Joseph Swash.

“This happens the same time every year,” explains producer Martin Greene, “he does his bit on the show for the few weeks we’re on air, and then slithers back into the jungle under the cover of night.

“We never pay him, he just kind of appears at the location every year, usually making first contact by leaving dead animals around the perimeter of the campsite before gaining the confidence again to interact with humans”.

Investigating further, a trail leading from the brilliant white canvas shoes – apparently loaned to Swash for the show – brought us to a heap of what appears to be orange peel, which producers quickly pointed out belonged to the former winner of the show.

“Joe usually sheds his skin before re-entering,” an assistant producer confirmed, “He says it helps fight off the parasites in the Jungle. It’s amazing he’s able to survive the whole year out there on his own, feeding off whatever insects and small animals he hunts during the night”.

In November 2008, Swash entered the Australian jungle to appear in the eighth series of the British reality show, and hasn’t left since.