Clinton Pulls Up In Pickup To Bring Illegal Mexicans To Vote


IN A last ditch effort to rile support this morning, presidential candidate for the Democratic party Hillary Clinton was spotted in Florida driving a pickup truck full of illegal Mexican workers to a local voting centre.

It is understood the 69-year-old is to spend the majority of the day shuttling the demographic to polling stations across the key state, who have long been publicly chastised by Republican candidate Donald Trump for working illegally in America.

“We expect Hillary to bring over one hundred thousand illegals to voting booths today,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook explains, “she is a very dedicated woman, and if anything this shows that. Hopefully this will be enough to swing it in Florida”.

Mr. Trump previously threatened to build a wall on the border of Mexico if elected – one of the main cornerstones of his campaign – but this later backfired due to the fact that America is a pluralistic society and 59% of all unauthorized immigrants in the US hold residence in the 6 key voting states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

“He really shot himself in the foot with that one,” Mook added, “He should have been nice to the illegals, like we’ve been, and then deal with them later if that’s what keeps us popular. Which we’ll probably do, once we’ve got what we wanted from them”.

The Trump campaign’s decision to begin building walls around polling stations has been criticised by election experts, who have said he should have begun construction months ago.

“It was build walls around polling stations months ago or stop being such a racist dick, but obviously only one of these things was possible,” an election expert explained.