Report Into Waterford Abuse To Be Published Once HSE Has Covered Its Tracks


THE government has confirmed that the report into alleged abuse against a disabled woman ‘Grace’ while in foster care in Waterford will be published imminently, provided the HSE has covered all its tracks.

Some 9 months after Taosieach Enda Kenny promised swift action and justice for ‘Grace’, an initial report into the case remains unpublished amid concerns, voiced by the barrister compiling the report, over the HSE’s co-operation.

“Look, you’ve got to understand we’ve got to cover our asses first,” a HSE spokesperson explained to WWN, “we want to give all relevant information for the report, but we’ve got to leaf through it first and make sure none of us will get in trouble”.

Under government guidelines any senior HSE staff found to be in dereliction of their duty could face the very serious prospect of full pay and pension, and in some of the most severe cases, a promotion.

“We handed some files we had to the barrister carrying out the investigation, and maybe we didn’t hand over some other files. But we’re trying to break a 435 bad report in a row streak,” the spokesperson added.

“We all dream of the day when a HIQA report says something other than ‘I can’t fucking believe the HSE fucked up yet again and caused people suffering and indignity’. And on that glorious, hypothetical day, we’ll immediately ask for a pay rise and create another 100 middle management roles for no reason,” the spokesperson concluded.

The HSE asked members of the public who are outraged at the allegations of people being sexually abused while in foster care to save their anger for the next, presumably worse HSE scandal.