Dublin Girl Has Feeling No One Else Will Dress As Harley Quinn For Halloween


DUBLIN GIRL Emer Reilly is going out on a limb with her choice for a Halloween costume this year by choosing an obscure character from a movie she hasn’t seen, WWN can confirm.

Reilly, 22, was overjoyed by Margot Robbie’s portrayal of comic book vixen Harley Quinn in this year’s Suicide Squad movie, right from the very first moment she saw a picture of the actress on her newsfeed get an impressive amount of likes.

Reilly made the decision to dress up as the Joker’s sidekick despite knowing no one else would ‘get’ who she was dressing up as for Halloween.

“It’s pretty obscure,” Reilly teased friends, when asked what her outfit would be this year, “you’d have to really be into the thing she’s in to get it,” Reilly said of the movie which has grossed over $750 million at the box office.

Without giving away any more detail Reilly conceded that the idea was so original she had a feeling she might be the only one dressed in the outfit come Halloween night.

“I know I’ll look cool, but it’ll be a bit embarrassing if the whole night people are all like ‘what the hell are you meant to be’,” Reilly conceded.

“But, you know me, I’m so random. So, it’s totally a ‘me’ costume”.