America’s Nightmare Nearly Over Or Just Beginning, Final Debate Confirms


AS the final US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drew to a close, families across America emerged from behind their sofas, safe in the knowledge that their long nightmare may finally be over.

However, this sense of palpable relief was invaded by the nagging feeling that their nightmare could in fact just be beginning.

In a departure from previous debates less focus was placed on pussy grabbing as Republican nominee Donald Trump was praised for almost outlining a policy and forming a coherent sentence while his rival Clinton pointed out she might actually be the overwhelmingly superior candidate.

“I’m relieved it’s over, no more debates. I can switch off the TV and the internet and hide in my safe place until it’s time to vote,” shared voter Shelly Dowd, who expressed a desire to never hear about Donald Trump again after the November 8th polling day.

“And if Trump was to win I could just stay there until the nuclear apocalypse engulfs us all,” the optimistic voter added.

Despite the polls putting Clinton comfortably in the lead, Americans are fearful of a repeat of recent vote results in Britain, for the Brexit referendum, and in Colombia, for the Farc rebels peace deal, which went against all polls to deliver shock results.

“I’m caught somewhere between having hope and being weighed down by a dread so profound I feel it may crush me,” one American voter, Barack Obama, who watched the debate with his children told WWN.

The electoral commission in America revealed today that voters wishing to vote for Trump in the polling booth will be given the option to simply press the self destruct button.