Idiot Layabout Students Protest Being Saddled With Debt


A BUNCH of idiot juvenile students took to the streets yesterday to protest the growing concerns they have over the possible introduction of a student loan system in Ireland.

“Typical students, bet they missed a bunch of lectures and all to protest,” the government confirmed, dismissing the obviously foolish protest over something the young and immature student brain could not quite yet comprehend.

“Why don’t you go back to smoking joints and listening to Nirvana or whatever it is you do, and let the grown ups get on with doing grown up work,” Fine Gael minister Richard Bruton told the 10,000 strong crowd.

Citing government policy which has seen the education sector’s funding slashed, many students, who are hopelessly naive about adult subjects, claimed avoiding becoming chained to debt might be a good idea.

“I’d be of the opinion that the setting up a student loan scheme will see the cost of education spiral further, and all the while, the cost of living is rising, rent is rising, the employment level for under 25s is worryingly high. Depression and myriad issues relating to students remain unaddressed by a government and society that are too self centred to put student welfare at the centre of debates on economic policy,” one student, who we presume shouted in an aggressive manner while wearing dreadlocks, shared with WWN.

The government maintained it is committed to listening to students and then not taking on board anything they say.