Katherine Zappone Gets 3 Penalty Points For Reckless U-Turn


MINISTER for Children, Katherine Zappone has been handed down an 80 euro fine and three penalty points after performing what was described as a’dangerous, potentially fatal’ u-turn at the weekend.

Zappone had been travelling in the pro-repeal lane at the time, before locking the steering wheel of her car hard to the right and doing a complete 180 across four lanes of traffic.

Eye-witnesses say the maneuver could have caused serious damage, with many calling for Zappone to explain why she made such a reckless turn without any warning whatsoever.

“We were watching her, thinking yep, there’s Katherine, on her way to vote for a motion to repeal the 8th by referendum,” said one onlooker.

“Next thing you know, she lifts the handbrake, screeches the tyres, and heads off to vote against Ruth Coppinger’s motion. Says she’s going to leave it to the Citizens Assembly. I can’t imagine why she would do such a thing, except maybe it’s a politically motivated decision so she won’t get fired and she can stay in government… still, it’s the kind of recklessness that could be very harmful for people, particularly women”.

Zappone, who has previously attended protest marches for the very thing she’s about to vote against, was unavailable for comment.