Beyoncé Added To List Of Internationally Recognised Deities


RELIGIOUS scholars have confirmed that popular singer and performer Beyoncé has achieved the same exalted status as deities such as God, Buddha and Vishnu.

Citing the disturbing devotion shown to the American treasure, leading figures at the International Institute Of Religions confirmed they had no other choice but to elevate the 35-year-old to God status.

As followers of the singer now outstrip those who claims to be Christian, the Church of Beyoncé is now officially the largest religion on the planet.

“Beyoncé was missing just one element of devotion that kept her from being placed on the list, but then a number people began carrying out violence in her name and that swung it for us,” explained Prof. Ellen Bournham, alluding to recent attacks carried out on individuals who admitted to having no strong opinion on Beyonce, one way or another.

The burgeoning religion has many rituals and sacred texts, which include Lemonade, B’Day, 4 and I Am.. Sasha Fierce.

“Her followers put over 700 people in hospital, that’s pretty impressive. We give it another 5 years before they’ve declared a religious war,” Prof. Bournham added.

Followers have been instructed by the church’s hierarchy to make an annual pilgrimage to either the singer’s home or the site on which she delivered her most famous sermon, Glastonbury.