“We’ve Never Had An Argument” Local Unbearable Couple Confirm


A LOCAL couple with an address in the Waterford area of Europe have confirmed to anyone who will listen that they have never had an argument, WWN can reveal.

Despite going out for over 3 years, Lorna Fagan and Liam Nesbitt have confirmed that they are unique compared to other couples as they ‘couldn’t find something to argue about’ even if they tried.

“Come on, who could find fault with a face like that,” Liam said at a recent party when friends asserted the couple’s claim was ‘complete and utter fucking bullshit’.

“I guess what you’d call normal, run of the mill couples just can’t conceive of being so chilled out and supportive as myself and Liam are of one another,” Lorna confirmed, in a tone that couldn’t have been more annoying if it tried.

“It’s quite sad when you think about it,” added Lorna, 50% of possibly the most unbearable couple on the planet.

In a disturbing scene Lorna then referred to Liam as ‘my snuggums’.

“Trust me, this isn’t me being jealous of Lorna and Liam, my girlfriend drives me up to the wall and she’s a saint for sticking with me, but you can’t help but wish the two of them both contract some horrible disease or blow up in a hot air balloon ride gone wrong. Never argue me hole,” Conor Nealon, dear friend of the couple, shared with WWN.