National Shortage Of Pork Pullers Reported


IT’S been referred to as the greatest crisis the Irish food industry has ever faced, and a damning indictment of 7 years of constant immigration, which has robbed us of a skilled workforce; we’re referring of course to the news that Ireland is running low of fully trained pork pullers.

With pulled pork moving from menu curiosity to as much of a staple part of the Irish diet as spuds and butter, the country has found itself in critical need of young men and women that can spend their time pulling the pork.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has led to pork pullers leaving our shores in droves, and now Ireland faces an uphill battle to recruit and train premium pork pulling proteges in the next twelve months, or face a shortage of tender moist meat sandwiches for the foreseeable future.

“If you’ve pulled pork, and enjoyed it, and felt like you could make a living out of it, then we need to talk to you,” said pig farmer Derek Waterson, desperately in need of having his pork pulled.

“Just come in and give it a go, see if you have a natural aptitude for it. We’re having pork-pulling open days throughout the rest of 2016; just show up, start pulling the pork, and we’ll see how it goes”.