5 Things You Can Spend Your Extra €2.70 Dole Money On


HEY there big spender! Look at you, aged 18-24 with an extra €2.70 in your pocket every week, thanks to a rise in unemployment payments in the budget! You’re young, educated, and have nothing to do from one end of the week to the next. What are you going to do with all that cash? Here’s a few suggestions as to what €2.70 can buy you…

1) A packet of crisps on a flight to Australia

The best thing to do with your extra dole is to add it to your emigration fund. It won’t buy flights, but it will get you a pack of cheese & onion to munch on ,while you fly for nearly a day to your new life the other side of the world.

2) A can of beer

Depending on your taste, you may even get two! This’ll help you while away an afternoon, maybe help you get over the feelings of uselessness and isolation that comes with being unemployed. Maybe it’ll even help you forget all those years you wasted in college, getting a qualification for a job that no longer exists!

3) A newspaper

The country is back on track, we’re growing at an incredible rate, everything is rosy. Of course, you don’t know that ‘cos you don’t read the papers. Use your €2.70 to buy at least one newspaper a week; a good one, not a tabloid. Something the government approves of. It’s there in black and white; everything is fine.

4) Bus fare

To yet another job interview, where you’ll be forced to battle against hundreds of people in a similar situation as yourself; trapped in unemployment by an economic crash that happened before you’d done your junior cert. Don’t feel like you’ve wasted your €2.70 on the bus… you’ve still got €100 to play with for the rest of the week!

5) Save it up and buy a house

You could use your extra cash to help you get set up on your own, and escape the rental trap that so many have found themselves in. At €2.70 a week, you should be able to afford your own place in Dublin in about 2,100 years! Mind the pennies, the pounds mind themselves!