Dublin Restaurant Awarded With First Ever Michelin Constellation


A DUBLIN restaurant has made culinary history after receiving the first ever Michelin Constellation, WWN can reveal.

Upmarket Ballsbridge eatery Food and Shit impressed the French food appraising organisation, Michelin, to an extent never seen before, prompting them to up their usual star award to a full blown constellation.

“The batter burger was divine, a rollercoaster of joyous tastes for the palette to enjoy. How could we not award them appropriately,” Pierre Bertrand, Michelin judge, said in a presumably comic French accent.

The Michelin Guide began awarding luminous spheres of plasma as far back as 1900, but this marks the first time they have handed over a full constellation.

“The snack box, to die for,” another judge added, as queues outside Food and Shit began snaking around the corner as soon as news of the award spread.

Chef at Food and Shit Conor Glennon admitted to being surprised and humbled by the award.

“Fuck sake lads, it’s just a chipper,” Glennon confirmed, “this French fellas aren’t half up themselves, wha? Shit, the boss might hire a fucking barista now, great. Cheers. Sound.”

NASA has reiterated their criticism of Michelin’s policy of crashing stars to Earth and placing them on plaques outside overpriced restaurants, calling it ‘irresponsible’.