Gardaí Launch Appeal As Euro 2016 Fans Goes Missing During Ireland’s Match Against Georgia


GARDAÍ have admitted to the media that they are very concerned for as many as 50,000 football fans who attended Euro 2016 in France earlier this year as they have been reported missing.

The fans, known for their endless hijinks and vociferous singing and chanting, had told their loved ones they were headed off to Ireland’s World Cup qualifying match against Georgia last night only for none of them to turn up at the Aviva stadium.

“We’re very concerned, very, very concerned,” Garda Ciaran Canny explained to WWN this morning.

The Euro fans absence was evident at the Aviva as the atmosphere was almost as flat as the team’s performance, with the alert sounded after failed to upload 4,000 Irish fan videos inside the opening 60 seconds of the game.

“They vary in build, height and hair colour but are usually fond of wearing green and demanding people ‘stand up’ for no particular reason at all,” Garda Canny added.

Gardaí leading the search for the die hard, passionate fans who are often the toast of the footballing world once every four years, admitted that while it is a serious issue, the fans will be thankful they didn’t have to sit through Ireland’s anemic display against supposedly inferior opposition.

Ireland manager Martin O’Neill once again defended his player’s performances and his own tactics in a robust fashion.

“Remember Euro 2016, that was great wasn’t it? Good times, ah the Euros, huh?” O’Neill explained, clearing up any question marks over the World Cup qualifying campaign so far.

If you have any information pertaining to the location of Ireland’s Euro 2016 fans, please contact the Gardaí.