Local Woman ‘Just One Of The Lads’


A LOCAL Waterford woman is at the centre of a controversy raging amongst the cultural scholars and scientists after repeatedly claiming she is just ‘one of the lads’.

“Ah, the boys don’t even act differently around me. They talk to me like I’m one of the lads,” Ciara Clarke, a full blown woman, explained to WWN in explosive claims which will surely lead men and women to reassess everything they know about friendships.

“I’m sorry, I can’t really comprehend this… a woman being treated as a friend by men – on equal footing with their male friends. No, I’m struggling here and I’m an astrophysicist,” one member of the scientific community shared with WWN, pointing the finger of doubt in Clarke’s direction.

While a UN human rights ruling in 2015 confirmed that yes, women and men can be friends, the UN failed to rule on whether a man could be viewed as ‘just one of the girls’ or a woman viewed as ‘just one of the lads’.

“We talk about things with Ciara like we would with lads named Johnno, Deco, or Fathead, honest we do. There’s talking about football, farting and how crushing the search to be loved and understood can be. You know, just normal lads stuff,” friend of Clarke’s Biffo Kelly explained.

Mrs Clarke would not be drawn on allegations that a number of the lads routinely declare their undying love for her in nightclubs after 2am.