Where Are They Now: The Kids From Stranger Things


STRANGER Things was the smash-hit surprise of the summer; the spooky, 80s-set love letter to Amblin movies and Stephen King novels quickly became the must-see show that everyone was talking about. Key to the success of the show was its pitch-perfect casting, especially of the four young protagonists who drive the story forward.

But what ever became of those 4 youngsters? It’s been a few weeks since the show launched on Netflix, so in a bid to pull together a clickbait headline on a slow news day, WWN’s viral team went investigating…

Mille Bobby Brown- ‘Eleven’


The driving force behind the narrative of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown gave an amazing performance as the tragic Eleven. Aged just 12 when the show came out, Brown is now… still 12. So she hasn’t really had a chance to do anything scandalous yet. Give her time.

Finn Wolfhard- ‘Mike’


Time has been kind to Wolfhard, who doesn’t look like he’s aged a day since Stranger Things. Since, y’know… he’s only a few dozen days older. Come on lad, we’re trying to be viral internet moguls here. Could you not age a bit faster? Or get into drugs or be shot by the cops or something? We appreciate that most child stars who go off the rails do so over the course of years, not weeks, but give us a break here. We’ve got an article to write and you stinking kids aren’t helping.

Gaten Matarazzo- ‘Dustin’


Another one who doesn’t care for the ‘watching a car crash’ nature of this kind of journalism. Seriously, come back in like ten years, this article will be amazing.

Caleb McLaughlin- ‘Lucas’


Honestly, we would have done “Where Are They Now: Stars of (whatever)”, but the internet has beaten us to pretty much every single other show. Writing clickbait bullshit isn’t as easy as it seems, we’re tellin’ ya.