“We’re Still The Bestest At Learning Good” – Irish Universities Hit Back At Fall In Rankings


IRISH third level institutions have responded to the news of their continued slide further down the QS World University Rankings with a passionate defence of their institutions.

Despite consistently pleading with the government to invest more funding in a sector ravaged by cuts, many leading educators remained defiant and countered the latest rankings.

“Ireland good. Education good. Ireland education good,” explained one leading university figure.

“Lots of cuts. Bad government. No more lots of staff, now lots more students try learn,” another statement read from a senior member of TCD, written in crayons.

The government has said it would carefully consider the pleas to invest in the future education of Ireland’s third level students before rejecting such requests.

One university to buck the downward trend has been NUI Galway, but the university has reassured everyone they will remain humble about the news and refuse to lord it over everyone from here until the end of time like many would have expected them to.