4 Signs Your Cat Is Planning To Leave You For Someone Else


FELINES are famously aloof and hard to read, and nothing is more painful than when they keep their guard up and grow distant before finally announcing they are leaving you, their owner, for someone else.

WWN has compiled a list of the telltale signs your cat is planning on leaving you for someone else, in the hope you can turn things around and carry on being subservient to a beast that couldn’t care less about you.

1) Dead mice offerings have dried up

Your cat couldn’t’ get enough of plonking all manner of mangled mice at your feet, but that exuberant lust for the flesh of field mice has all but disappeared. Maybe they’re still doing it, but this time for someone else.

2) Forlorn furballs

If your cat is planning on leaving you for someone else, it’s bound to be preoccupied. A sure sign it wants someone else to wait on it hand and foot may be evident in the less than enthusiastic way it coughs up furballs on you. Has the passion burnt out? Does it no longer rush to your side to deposit a moist furball when it could have easily just stayed where it was and not ruined your nice top by vomiting up on it?

3) Internet browser history

A crushing blow to any cat lover if your hunch is proven correct, but it could be a good idea to check your internet search history to see if your cat is already planning to leave you. If search results such as ‘moving to Dublin’, ‘rent in Dublin’, ‘cat friendly apartments’ ‘how to tell someone you’re leaving them’, ‘cat gifs’ and ‘how to kill and bury your lonely and clingy owner’ crop up, your worst fears will likely be realised.

4) You catch them reading Eat, Pray, Love

The 2006 memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, which was then turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts, charts the author’s journey of self discovery as she travels through Italy, India and Indonesia.

Looks like your cat is searching for something similar. Brace yourself.