Government Ready To Invest €13bn In Orchard If Apple Tax Ruling Upheld


THE GOVERNMENT has confirmed that if their appeal of EU’s Apple tax ruling to be unsuccessful, it has already decided how they would use the money.

“We have earmarked a beautiful bit of land down in Cork, which is perfect for growing apples, and we think if we were to inject a modest investment of €13 billion, it would soften any hard feelings between the Government and orchards,” minister for finance Michael Noonan confirmed ahead of a Dáil debate on the Apple tax ruling later today.

The minister added that to have €13 billion to spend is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a nation like Ireland, and shouldn’t be wasted on things like essential services.

“If our appeal fails, then we’ll have €13 billion, which is great, but wouldn’t it be lovely to able to give that back to a business who we feel will give so much to Ireland in the future,” Noonan added.

Experts on the economy are split on whether or not the money should be invested in an orchard in Cork, which also has orchards dotted around the world and could move orchard operations abroad at a moment’s notice.

“We’ve long neglected the apple growing industry, this €13 billion stimulus package would insure orchards don’t leave the country and take their apples and jobs with them. It seems a necessary and wise decision,” Cormac Dillon, economist, shared with WWN.

Elsewhere, the Dáil debate of the €13 billion tax ruling is expected to focus on how much of it should be invested in TDs’ pensions.