Local Student Reluctantly Accepts 2nd Round CAO Offer For Some Shite He Doesn’t Want To Do


THE WATERFORD town of Ardmore was the scene of next to no celebrations as student Dermot Higgins received his second round CAO offer, WWN has learned.

Higgins had narrowly missed out on his first by just 200 points, leaving the 18-year-old with his last choice on his CAO form.

“I honestly don’t remember any of the courses I filled out after the 3rd one, what the fuck the Aeronautical Basket Weaving Engineering and Holistic Media Studies,” Higgins remarked as he faced the prospect of beginning a 4-year degree course in something he doesn’t have any interest in.

While Higgins had initially thought of repeating, or entering the job market instead of taking on a course that was bound to be filled similarly fucked students, his parents advised him otherwise.

“Dermot should really do the degree now and then in 4 years he’ll get a JobBridge in Centra or something, if he doesn’t take the course he’ll be rushing into a career on the dole or a lesser JobBridge role, he’s better off taking the course. JobBridge is still a thing, yeah?” Dermot’s mother Angela explained to WWN.

Higgins is expected to start his first module on the 15th of September, which includes lectures on 14th Century Weaving Techniques, and Introduction to Memes.