Couple Trying For Baby Look To UVF


AFTER struggling for years to conceive a child naturally, one Waterford couple is to make the journey to Northern Ireland to see if the UVF can sort them out.

Jeanette and Phillip Montague have been together for 10 years and married for 3, but have been unable to get pregnant despite years of trying.

Taking advice from close family, the Montagues have accepted that they may need some extra help if they’re going to have a family of their own, and will today make contact with the leader of the Ulster Volunteer Force to see if he can help them out.

“I thought that contacting a paramilitary organisation was strange, to be honest, but the people up the road from us said they did it and they had triplets,” said 34-year-old Dungarvan native Phillip Montague.

“So we made contact with some lower-ranking UVF lads and we’re meeting them in Belfast today. When I say ‘meeting them in Belfast’, we have to meet a lad outside Newry and then he’s going to take us somewhere in the back of a van. We have to wear bags over our heads so that we don’t know where we’re going, but we’re willing to try anything at this stage”.

Should their visit with one of the most feared Loyalist terrorists in history prove fruitless, the next port of call is to check here.