Tips For Keeping Yourself Busy In Rural Ireland If You’re A Young Fella


LIVING in virtual ghost towns in rural Ireland can be tough if you’re a so-called ‘young fella’. How in God’s name can you pass the time, if there is nothing doing?

WWN is on hand to help you wile away those hours until the rest of Irish society remembers they’ve completely forgotten you:

With youth unemployment in the country at a steady ‘very high’, we’ll just go ahead and rule out getting a job because if there’s none up in the big smoke for young fellas, there certainly won’t be any going down the town. What to do?

Do one of them courses, you know the ones, they solve everything.

Government cut courses out your way? Have you considered developing a substance abuse problem like your Da and his mates? If you’re already well on your way, it may be an idea to start driving home from the pub, sure it’s miles away and you can’t be walking home in the dark, that’s crazy unsafe.

Not a fan of the drink but love a good drive? Your prayers have been answered, there’s loads of road out your way, and you can cover them all double quick if you drive as fast as you can, ask a mate along and see if he can keep up with you too.

Do you have a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can’t quite explain? Have you presented yourself to your local GP and asked for help? Chances are he/she has done all they can and you’ll be added to a waiting list and seen in about 5 years. But did you know there is a much easier option? Just start drinking more and when you start feeling feelings, hit the nearest lad to you and keep hitting him until someone pulls you off him.

If punching faces isn’t for you, there’s loads of things around the place you could be smashing up instead, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

If none of the above applies to you, chances are you’ve defied all the odds and you’re tipping along nicely. Fair play.