Model Reluctantly Becomes Plus-Size Model After Eating Donut


SUPERMODEL Genna Hassan woke up this morning with a completely different workload than she had yesterday, after a late night bite of a doughnut bumped her from the “regular model” category into the bracket marker “plus-sized”.

The Hungarian native put on .09lbs by eating the sugar-coated treat, pushing her over the threshold of what fashion houses consider “normal”.

Hassan will now model for plus-sized women, in articles where people will refer to her as “brave” and “a trailblazer”, until such a time as she loses the weight.

“There’s a thin line between what the fashion world accepts and what it classifies as ‘plus-sized’,” said Martha Garning, editor of Modellique magazine.

“Genna went to bed last night as a stunning model, and when she ate that bit of a donut, well, she turned into someone who most photographers won’t work with. But she’ll get work as a ‘plus-sized’ model, there’s a lot of people out there who think women of that size are more realistic. Not in the fashion world, they’re not”.

Since her weight gain, Hassan has been slammed by media outlets, who have published article titles such as ‘OMG How Did Genna Let Herself Get So Out Of Shape’, and more sneaky approaches like ‘Doesn’t Genna Hassan Look So Curvy In This Photoshoot’.