Delusional Man Under The Impression He’ll Find Something Good On TV Tonight


A COUNTY Carlow family have expressed their concern this evening after father of four, Cathal Lyons, said he was going to sit down and watch “something good on TV tonight”.

Speaking exclusively to WWN, wife Geraldine Lyons voiced her concerns over her husband’s comments, stating that he may have some form of mental illness, as he seems to forget every evening that there is very little on television.

“Every night he sits down into his recliner all excited, like he’s in for some sort of treat, God bless him,” she explained, “His little disappointed face breaks my heart every time. Cathal just flicks through the Sky Box menu like someone possessed. He doesn’t even read what the programs are, he just knows they’re shite,” adding “I think he has subconsciously given up, but there’s a glimmer of hope in that little head of his somewhere, like there may be something half decent on… but there never is”.

The Lyons family first ordered their Sky box in 2007, after years being stuck with ‘the poverty stations’.

“In fairness, he seems to resort back to RTE or TV3 after searching through all the channels, and just sits there, not really taking in anything,” Geraldine added, “It’s the hundred yard stare thing that frightens me. That and Sky’s poorly designed interface. My three year old could develop a better user experience”.

Since speaking to WWN, Mr. Lyons eventually agreed to see somebody about his delusions.

Get well soon Cathal.