Co-Worker Knows A Quicker Way You Could Drive Home


DESPITE nobody ever asking for better travel directions, one worker at a prominent Dublin accountancy firm has taken it upon himself to suggest alternative time-saving routes to his co-workers at all times.

With nothing much to talk about due to a lack of personality, Olliver Gahan finds himself asking his co-workers questions such as “d’you have far to go in the mornings?” and “d’you drive or take the bus?” during petrifying 30-second silences in the canteen of Lehanne & Hamble, located in Ballsbridge.

Upon learning the current path that his disinterested co-worker takes, Gahan then launches into a Garmin-worthy list of routes that “are much quicker”, going into incredible detail as to which roundabout to turn at and how to know if “you’ve gone too far”.

“I’m actually grand with the way I come to work at the minute,” said fellow accountant Lisa Denehy, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“But that didn’t stop Olliver from telling me a way that would save me 10, maybe 15 minutes that involved a series of one-way and residential streets, and a few turns that ‘are grand if the guards aren’t out’. I stopped listening halfway through if I’m honest, but he seemed happy to bang on”.

Gahan has stated he will continue to dole out this free advice, despite everyone in the office wishing on a daily basis that he would find a new job elsewhere.