Making The Transition From Loving Taylor Swift To Hating Her, We Show You How


YOU might recall a time, roughly 10 days ago or so, when Taylor Swift was a talented songwriter and musician who projected a nice image, and encouraged all people regardless of who they are to pursue their goals and not listen to people putting them down or criticising them.

This sort of inspiring talent and message earned Swfit a huge following online. However, many of her fans have become torn following the news that it is now time to hate her.

Thanks to overwhelming evidence, via a video of Swift in a phone conversation with Kanye West, it is now a concrete fact that you should hate Taylor Swift with the same fervor and ferocity everyone showed towards Adolf Hitler in the 1940s.

You might be wondering how easy it is to make this transition if you were a previous fan of Swfits. Wonder no more as WWN shows you how!

Remember when Brad left Jen for Angelina? Remember how you just fucking hated Angelina with every fibre of your being? It’s time to dust off that well spent time and effort and put it to good the venom and vitriol to use again. Get worked the fuck up about this!

Practice your rants. The last thing you want when systematically destroying someone you’ve never met, that you shouldn’t have a strong opinion on one way or another, is to verbally trip up on phrases like ‘hate that sly stupid rich bitch’. Foaming at the mouth with outrage can also prove an obstacle to the tongue when spouting how much you hate T-Swift. Remember, practice makes perfect. Or in Taylor’s case practicing lying makes you a perfect bitch, bitch.

Pretend like you always hated Taylor Swift. Make sure to cite the fact there was always something about her you didn’t like. She was once so down to earth! Now? She’s obviously aloof and thinks she is better than everyone else.

Increase your vitamin D intake. Hating a celebrity requires high levels of vitamin D so remember to get as much sun as possible.

Recognise just how important this is. Taytay is now a full blown naynay cus she said Kim’s bae saysay something that he didn’t. Could you pour over the legacy of the Skyes-Picot Agreement and its relation to just how fucked up the Middle East is today? Yes. But is that as important as the lyrics of a dreadful Kanye West song? No. A thousand times no!

Post a comment below one of the Mail Online’s 23,456 articles about Taylor Swift from the past 24 hours.

Place the words ‘white’, ‘sly’, ‘bitch’, ‘hope’, ‘she’, ‘dies’ in any order of your choosing. It would be remiss of WWN not to point out you should also be ridiculing her body in some way as well.

All that’s left to do is sit back and bask in the knowledge that you have focused your time and energy in all the right places.

EDITOR’S NOTE: it may be necessary to leave the door open for the possibility of doing another 180 on Taylor in case the media decides 6 months down the line it is time for you forgive her.