Fancy New Restaurant Serves Food On Something Called ‘Plates’


A RESTAURANT in Dublin has been said to have broken the hospitality mold this week on its debut night, opting to serve customers their food on fancy circular ceramic items called ‘plates’.

The quirky new joint, aptly named Plate Up, which opened on Camden Street last night, wowed clientele with the pristine white food holders, sending food bloggers attending the opening into a frenzy.

“It’s so elegant and simple, the food stays inside the boundaries of the circular holder, as if it’s actually made for it,” food critic Noel Carson wrote on his Twitter page, “we could be seeing a whole new trend in Dublin town folks, and I love it”.

Speaking to WWN about his new risque serving method, restaurant owner David Moran said he discovered the unusual method while on holiday in South America, where it is believed they use plates all the time.

“I can’t take full credit for this idea,” insisted Moran, “myself and my wife were in Argentina and when we ordered a burger and fries, the waiter served the food on a plate, instead of a small metal bucket for the chips and chopping board for the burger. The waiter said they were serving in this way for years, and laughed at the ‘unhygienic’ chopping board concept when I told him about how we do things at home”.

If that wasn’t enough, the new Dublin restaurant also serves desserts on similar plates, called bowls, instead of the traditional quarried slate we know of today.

“What I like about not using slate is there is no horrible noise when using a knife or spoon,” he added, “it’s a tough sell, but hopefully plates will catch on in Ireland”.