Local Man Torn Over Whether Or Not To Put His 7c Change In ISPCC Tin


THE recent scandal surrounding the mismanagement and alleged corruption at the heart of Console has had a knock-on effect on the amount of money people are willing to give to charity, with even local philanthropist Sean Jennings wondering if he should throw his 7c change into the ISPCC tin on the counter of his local Spar, or just put it back in his pocket.

Jennings, who contributed almost €4.75 in loose change to charity last year, has had his trust in organised charities shaken to the core after high-profile exposes of charities such as Rehab, the Central Remedial Clinic and now Console revealed gross mismanagement of funds along with grotesque salaries and bonuses paid to high-level CEOs.

“I just don’t trust that my 7c is going to the people that need it the most,” said Jennings, described in his own words as ‘the Bob Geldof of Dungarvan’.

“I’d hate if it was just going to pay the credit card bill of some slimy CEO who bought himself a load of hats or whatever. The change I get out of €1.50 after buying four Chomps could make all the difference to the St Vincent de Paul or whatever the tin at the counter is, so I consider each donation carefully”.

Unfortunately for the many needy charities still operating in Ireland, Jennings has opted to withhold his donations for the foreseeable future, possibly to invest in more Chomps.