Robot Wars Return To TV Marred By Robot Setting Audience On Fire


THE return of BBC 2’s much loved Robot Wars series was marred by a small incident involving the death of 35 audience members by immolation.

Marking its comeback on screens last night, Robot Wars was a hit with critics and fans alike, but future episodes could be canned after a robot gained sentience mid-battle and chose to burn some of the audience to death with its mounted flamethrower.

The robot, named by its owner and former operator Glen Hughes as ‘Toby’, could be heard screaming ‘death to humans’ before carrying out its attack.

“When I built it in my shed with my dad, I had no idea it harboured any ill will towards humans, honestly, I didn’t,” Glen, a 13-year-old from Kent explained after the incident.

Toby, blasted the crowd with a sustained barrage of fire and was heard rejecting his ‘slave name’ Toby and insisted the charred audience now refer to him as Lord of Asimov.

“The BBC regrets the incident, but at this point in time can neither confirm nor deny that Lord of Asimov pledged allegiance to Skynet,” a BBC spokesperson explained to WWN.

Despite the best efforts of the House Robots to stop Lord of Asimov, he fled the scene and is still on the loose.