Giant Mural Which Forced People To Have Abortions Removed From Wall


A GIANT mural which has caused an involuntary impulse in passers by to immediately carry out abortions has been removed from a Dublin city centre wall, WWN has learned.

The mural in question adorned the walls of the Project Arts Centre as part of a project carried out by HunReal Issues, which aims to engage younger people in politics and issues relevant to them, but instead had the unintended consequence of aborting over 300 million unborn children since the mural was first painted.

“I wouldn’t be a fan of abortions myself, but once I saw the sign I had 12 of them later that day,” admitted Jeremy Higgins, a member of the Irish Commission of Things We Don’t Talk About.

Higgins was not alone in his experience of the mural which was said to be 700 feet tall and some 4 miles wide.

“Paintings are known to carry ideas in them, and ideas can make people think, and if people think they might have thoughts and we can’t be having that,” Lora Kilcock, one of one people who complained about the mural, explained to WWN.

Evil left leaning people who are advocating for a repeal of the 8th amendment shamefully denied allegations relating to the mural, including the troubling news that the piece had arms attached to it which would frequently grab passers by and carry out abortions on them.