Dublin Bus To Trial New ‘Arrive On Time’ Service


DUBLIN BUS confirmed the launch of a new service they call ‘arrive on time’ at a glitzy press event on O’Connell Street earlier today.

The bus operators invited 500 of their most valued daily commuters to the launch, but there was considerable confusion as the customers struggled to comprehend what the new service involved.

“What? I don’t understand, I presume I just arrive at my stop a good 40 minutes before the bus is due to be late, just in case, right?” one panicked commuter shouted from the crowd.

The majority of the 500 commuters in attendance were bang on for the press event as they chose to walk from home or cycle in.

“It’s like the normal bus service, only when it says it’ll be due in 5 minutes, it will actually arrive in 5 minutes instead of disappearing altogether,” a Dublin Bus official explained to a crowd full of blank stares.

Dublin Bus had planned to demonstrate the service on O’Connell St for their commuters by asking them to wait for one of their new on time buses, however, due to Luas works the bus was delayed by some 14 hours.

“I don’t like change like this,” one regular commuter explained to WWN, “can’t we just keep it the old way. It’s nice to know you can just walk out of the house at 6.30 in the morning and catch a bus which gets you in about an hour late for work at 10am”.

The arrive on time service is expected to be rolled out on one route on a trial basis sometime in 2025.