New Bourne Movie Features Ex-Spy Just Relaxing, Enjoying Life


REVIEWS for the latest Jason Bourne movie show that the action franchise has taken a surprising change in pace, with the latest instalment focussing on the amnesia-addled super spy just chillaxing in his gaff watching a bit of telly and generally enjoying life.

The fifth movie in the Bourne franchise sees Matt Damon reprise his role as Jason Bourne, who battled sinister government agencies for three movies before finally coming to terms with his shady past as a CIA assassin and moving on with his life.

Following the Damon-less 4th entry in the series, the Oscar-winning actor was drawn back to the franchise with the promise of greater script control and an 18-wheeler full of money.

With Hollywood always looking to innovate with new and exciting sequels to movies instead of just wheeling out the actors doing the same thing time and time again, a decision was made to have Bourne do something other than get involved in high-octane action sequences and globe-trotting espionage, leading to Bourne 5 being more of a romantic comedy than anything else.

“It’s kinda more like Sideways than any of the existing Bourne movies,” said Matt Damon, speaking at the world premiere.

“We felt audiences would be bored by yet another movie where I fight people using pens and books and whatever. There comes a time where you’ve seen that kind of thing over and over. So instead, I open up a little cafe with Bill Pullman and we just kind of riff off each other for 90 minutes. It’s fun”.

Bourne Again opens this weekend.