5 Things


LISTS make up the very fabric of the internet; ’10 things you didn’t know about this’, ’27 things only one of those can relate to’… and so on. Linking every single one of these lists into our Wang 586 supercomputer, WWN have compiled the absolute definitive list of things; 5, to be specific. here they are:

1: Mugs


Mugs are things. You can put drinks in them, cutting down on the amount of scalding liquid you have in your hands at any given time. Never let it be said that a mug is not a thing. Hence its place on this list.

2: Jigsaw puzzles


Remember jigsaw puzzles? A load of small pieces that, when put together in the right order, formed a much larger picture. It’s things like this that make you glad you clicked on a list article, ain’t it?

3: Plasticine


Or as Catholics call it, marla. Why is it on this list? Why wouldn’t it be?

4: The sea

the sea2

Beautiful. Terrifying. One of the last untameable forces on Earth. Cloaking an entire world of wonders under its cold blanket of wetness. A hell of a thing altogether, finally receiving its rightful place on a list.

5: Cat


And you thought you were reading an online list that didn’t have a cat in it? Come on, now. This is the internet.