5 Things More Addictive Than Heroin


IRELAND is seeing a rise is deaths as a result of drug overdoses, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun in our addiction free bubble and figure out what is more addictive than heroin, which we agree you’d totes get addicted to if you tried it.


Famously, thousands of people just aren’t themselves until they’ve had their morning coffee, similarly yet less addictive; many heroin addicts like to start the day off the same way only with heroin.


Well, this isn’t really worth including. Hardly deserves a mention, alcohol abuse and the associated consequences only cost the HSE €3 billion a year. Spare change really, when you don’t think about it. Seems almost irresponsible to include this in here.

Your latest selfie

It’s been what 5 minutes since you’ve stretched your arm out, held it above your head, and phone in hand, taken a snap? No, no, we know, we’re sure you could go without doing that for weeks, even months on end. But, it’s cool, you don’t have to prove it to anyone, it’s fine.

Criticising everyone

We must stress that this is in the more passive and benign sense. Comments that are designed to cut someone in half, less they get ideas above their station, are highly addictive. None more so than when they are followed by a laugh or the phrase ‘only joking’ which renders the act completely harmless, yet frightfully addictive.


Stop! We know! We’re fat bitches that can’t help ourselves, and we’re fairly certain its sunk its hooks into us far deeper than heroin ever could. When you think about chocolate is normal people heroin.