Scientists Discover Sexism Gene


SCIENTISTS from MIT are being heralded across the world today and tipped as shoe ins for the Nobel Prize after a discovery which could change how we think about genetics, WWN has learned.

The scientists, as part of a wider study of DNA, have been able to isolate a gene which is said to be the basis for human’s tendency towards sexism.

It is now believed that nearly half of the entire population carries the gene, although, it effects come people in more severe ways resulting in a predisposition to rampant sexism.

“There it was, just staring back at us from underneath the microscope, the Y chromosome, containing this gene called SRY. We couldn’t believe the discovery we’d made,” Professor Alan Colstart explained to WWN.

Colstart admitted that he didn’t take revealing the discovery of the sexism gene lightly as he himself was a carrier too.

“I know what this could mean when it comes to future studies into what drives people to develop these innate sexist reflexes.

“There is no guarantee that you will develop sexism if you have the Y chromosome, but it is an uphill battle,” Colstart added.

Calstart concluded with an appeal for people not to prejudge anyone carrying the newly discovered SRY gene, even if they themselves could be prone to prejudgment.